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Your Business, Your Marriage, Your Legacy is a direct reflection of your CODE to the EDGE.

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1. Certainty

There is a big difference between CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY. Many men get their confidence through the amount of money they make, the car they drive or the praise they get from others. A man who has CERTAINTY knows who he is and pursues his PURPOSE no matter what others think.

2. Energy

Everything in life requires energy to grow. Entrepreneurs have to know how to create energy at-will in order to grow a business, relationships and a legacy.

3. Clarity

A man who lacks clarity drifts through life. A man who has a CLEAR vision of what he wants will be able to ADAPT to any circumstance to EXECUTE his plan.

1. Association

Proximity is POWER. You are a direct reflection of your peer group. We qualify men who come into this program to ensure they are a fit and can contribute to the ultimate game of expansion.

2. Action Plan 

The problem isn’t that you don’t know what to do. It’s that there are too many options and you don’t know where to begin. We have simplified the process by creating a simple and effective system based on seven habits that have created massive results in the past. You will learn the system and the process that utilizes these seven habits.

3. Accountability

This is the key to progress. We leverage technology to measure your activities and provide a peer group to hold you accountable for your actions. We will score you each day so you know if you are winning or losing the game.

Raul Villacis

CEO and Founder of The Next Level Experience

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker: 

  • Author of The King's Code Book.

  • Coached Thousands of Businessmen and Leaders.

  • Real Estate Entrepreneur and Investor.

  • ​2x NYT Best Selling Author.

  • ​Forbes Coaching Council Member.

  • ​Featured in New York Times, Entrepreneur, TIME, Ted X, Forbes.



Who is this designed for?

The EDGE is designed for business men. Married or Divorced, at our core we are a business mastermind. We are not a monks who sit around and meditate all day.


No, everyone has their independent beliefs about their spiritual connection. We have a diverse group of men that believe there is a superior being but we don't push a particular religion or faith.

Is The EDGE Secure?

All of your information, both personal and financial, is kept confidential and secure. We will not spam, rent, or sell your information.

 How does the application process work?  

Watch the videos. Fill out the application. If you are a fit, a team member will contact you to set up an interview.

*You only get as much out as you put in. This is not an information program, this is designed for implementation. If you do not get the results you want, email support and a refund will be issued no questions asked*

What is The EDGE?

This is an invitation to an exclusive Mastermind with top level entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs.

Who Is This For?

To qualify for this invitation-only mastermind, you must have all three of these characteristics.


You must operate an active business that produces or has the capacity  to produce a minimum of $1 Million in revenue annually. 


You are either married, divorced, or have kids. We are looking for men who have a desire to grow that is bigger than themselves.


You believe in a higher power. We don't push any particular religion or belief. God, the universe, or what you choose believe in is up to you.

  Here’s what you will get from this one-of-a-kind experience:

 The Formula

How to create a consistent FIRE in your life that increases your daily productivity.

  • Daily Reset: Learn the neurological process to reboot your subconscious mind each day

  • Drift Method : Discover the patterns that continue to sabotage your success.

  • Direct Reflection: How to find the right association of men in a culture where every man is for himself. 

 The Compound Effect

How to ACCOMPLISH more in three months than the average businessman does in a whole year.

  • ADAPT: Get tools to help you let go of the desire to constantly maintain control.

  • ADJUST: Learn how to quickly change your course of action to produce the results you want.

  • EXECUTE: Gain skills so you can stop procrastinating and take immediate action.

 The System

How to AVOID feeling overwhelmed because you spend time building your business and not enough time with your family.  

  •  Art of Base Hits:  Learn how to get more done in 100 days than you’ve ever done in a year.

  •  The Game: Life is boring without a challenge. Learn how to setup your own game to win.

  • 7 Disciplines:Understand how to set up your day so you accomplish seven single habits and create massive results.


What do successful businessmen have to say about this program?

"I feel more clear and focused then ever before. It's like a fog has been lifted from my eyes. My business has grown tremendously since joining this program and it's all due to the high level accountability. Holding each other accountable is key, and not wanting to let each other down is fuel to doing the work I should be doing anyways."
-Raleigh Bailes, Wealth Adviser 

"I have never experienced results like this in such a small amount of time. For what I paid for this program I would have paid the same amount for just day one. Words can not do this justice no matter how much I explain it."   -Daniel Barres, Tech Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

“The key to growth is creating new habits to further your growth. This program has helped me learn the system to stay consistent. My business goals were surpassed; I’m in better shape than in my 20’s and my relationship with my wife is better than it’s ever been. This program is as REAL as it gets.”
-Jason Bauer CEO, Cahill Bauer and Associates Accounting Firm

“This is a program like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been in the top personal development programs but this one gives you a REAL roadmap of what to do.”
-Jason Walter, CEO, National Land Realty


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